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Throwing In The Towel: Knowing When To Hire Professional Plumbing Services

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Knowing when to hire a plumber isn’t rocket science. It’s usually pretty obvious when something goes beyond the casual homeowner’s DIY grasp, and these plumbing emergencies can cause serious damage quickly. However, there are some common plumbing problems that are harder to spot.

Did you know that a family of four uses about 400 gallons of water every day? You rarely think of all that water coursing through your home, but that’s a lot of pressure to be putting on your plumbing systems on a daily basis. They may be incredibly resilient, but, trust us, they’re far from invincible.

Now, we encourage a healthy amount of DIY problem solving and troubleshooting. It’s an integral part of responsible home ownership. There’s a range of feasible plumbing services you can do on your own, but there are some that are best left to professionals.

Water heater

“When do I need to replace my water heater?” It’s a common question most often posed to Google, where people can find answers that make them think, “Yeah, how hard can it be?” Replacing a water heater is a tedious task that, if done incorrectly, can cause major trouble. Professionals complete the whole process from start to finish, make sure it’s working, and even get the old equipment properly disposed of. Plus, installing appliances yourself may void the warranty in some cases.

Broken pipes

This common winter problem can cause all sorts of a hassle but can be difficult to notice. If/when it does happen, it’s important to get the frozen pipes looked at as soon as possible. Professionals are trained to know what to look for in pipes that have potentially cracked or burst. In this case, they can remove the damaged portion and reinstall new pipes before any damage is done.

During the summer, tree root intrusion is far more common. Growing trees send out their roots in search of water, and old, rusted pipes are often blocked by thirsty tree roots. Talk to your plumbing services right away if the water flow to your home is blocked, weak, or suddenly stops. Likewise, sewer backups can also be caused by root intrusion.

In fact, call a plumber for anything sewer oriented

Because sewage is connected to elements outside of your home and, most often, your control, always contact professionals at the first sign of sewage trouble. DIY mistakes in the sewage realm can lead to issues that go from needing plumbing services to health services. It’s best to keep your hands clean and call in the pros for the dirty work.

Finding the right plumber to help you out with plumbing issues beyond your skills isn’t as tough as you think. You’ll be thankful when they show up and make what would’ve taken you a world of effort into short work. DIY your house and plumbing, but be smart and know when to wave the white flag.

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